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Sayadaws where the cat comes first.

Welcome to Sayadaws.

The home of Show Winning Siberian cats and Show Winning Siberian Kittens.
Here at Sayadaws Traditional Siberian cats we sometimes have Siberian cats and Siberian kittens requiring homes please check the Siberian kittens page for details.
For more up to date info please see our Facebook page where we keep it all up to date.
It is easy to think that you can decide to want a Siberian Kitten and be able to get one almost at once.... The truth is most Reputable Siberian Breeders have waiting lists, if people do not wait often they end up with a cross breed or worse a cat off the street that happens to look something like a Siberian, remember a cross Siberian is still a moggy and almost certainly will not be hypo-allergenic.
We live in Cambridgeshire and are hobby show breeders of Siberian Cats.

We have been breeding and showing cats for a number of years now as the rosettes throughout the house will testify if you come to visit.

James and Sue
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